Tips: How To Reduce Carbon Footprint

Companies are constantly looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint.  You can use these ideas in your office as well as give them to your employees to promote overall Eco-consciousness that can translate into the office.

It is great that more and more people than ever before are learning that energy conservation is important, that recycling matters, and that caring for our planet is one of the most important things that we can do in this lifetime. That said, there are many little tricks that you can use in order to pack even more energy savings and conservation into your day to day life, without exerting much effort at all! Here are a few of my top ideas.

Fan Circulation – this is something I never knew until recently, and it was quite the revelation. If you have a ceiling fan, you should set it to run counter-clockwise in the summer, and clockwise in the winter. In the summer you want the fan to push air to cool the room, in the winter you want the fan to distribute the heat.

Wash Laundry With Cold Water – I usually do this for my regular clothes, although I still wash towels and other things that might have more “germs” in hot water. You don’t need to wash all your clothes in hot water.

Don’t Leave Your Computer On All The Time – I used to leave my computer on all the time because the darn thing would take so long to start up. I also have friends that do this. Rather than leave it running all the time, turn it off when you leave. Run safe maintenance software to clear spyware and get rid of junk files and software that is probably bogging down your computer and causing it to boot slower. Your PC uses a lot of electricity, so running it when you’re not using it is a big drain. Turning it off will also save you money on your electrical bill. Also, laptop computers use less energy than larger desktop computers.

Consider Solar – get an estimate for solar panels installed in your home, and see how much you could end up saving. It’s a booming business and growing trend, and you’ll feel so much better about contributing to non-polluting measures of gathering energy.

Don’t Flush That Toilet – Here in California we are in the midst of a drought. I have taken to not flushing my toilet unless it’s solid waste. I can usually get two liquid waste uses before it might be necessary to flush. Some people may not like this idea, but simply close the lid. Another alternative would be to get a water saving toilet that does not use as much – or even a dual purpose toilet with water and solid waste flush settings.

Turn Off Hot Water Heater When You’re Gone – it’s not necessary to keep reheating your hot water tank if you’re going to be gone for several days. Turning this off is easy and will save energy.

Avoid Those Standby Modes – use a power strip to plug in appliances, and then turn off the strip when they are not in use. Many electronics will still run in “standby” mode when you turn them off, and still suck energy.


Consider using this carbon footprint calculator to see what your home or office expenditure is like.